SS 4/8 Colin's

Friday June 14
SS 4 Colin's 1: 10:07
Rally Legends SS 3: 12:22*
SS 8 Colin's 2: 16:09
Friday 14 June

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SS 4/8 Colin's

This stage needs no introduction as it is one of the most iconic stages in the world, featuring the legendary crest, Colin's Crest, just before the stage finish. Most rally fans are familiar with the stage and this crest, where cars jump around 45 meters. The beginning of the stage has been altered compared to last year, but from spectator area 1 “4-Way Junction" it remains the same. In addition to Colin's Crest itself, the stage also features a beautiful section along the lake Stor-Jangen.

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a rally car driving over the crest, Colin's Crest