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Join us on a royal journey through the duchy. Here you will find the routes and timings applicable to the first edition of the BAUHAUS Royal Rally of Scandinavia. And don’t miss Thursday’s Qualifying Stage. Welcome.

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The interest and commitment from FIA towards the ERC series continues. The goal is a prestigious series with many competitive participants, featuring a large field of local drivers at the various events, as well as a strong international field of top drivers aiming for the overall victory.

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In the Legends class, we aim to offer a glimpse of history, pure nostalgia, cherished memories, and delightful tales. Legendary drivers with iconic cars are back to show off and feel the excitement. Almost like the real deal, but even more fun.

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royalty in town

A Royal field of drivers and teams is expected in Värmland on June 13-15. Here we will present the top names continuously. Join us and make sure to secure your ticket to the Summer Party.

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All cars in all rally classes are governed by strict rules to make the competition as fair as possible, while still allowing for personal settings and solutions. The goal, however, is for drivers and teams to compete on as equal terms as possible.

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