Sustainability and Environment

Sustainability Efforts

Active and Long-Term Sustainability Efforts

From the very beginning, Royal Rally has had the highest ambitions for environmental work, aiming to lead the way in sustainable development for international motorsport events.

Our focus is naturally on the event itself—what we can influence. Royal Rally is a festival concept that combines the European Championship competitions with live bands, food, festivities, and experiences for everyone.

Vision and purpose

As a new rally event in Sweden, we have had great opportunities to set a really high level of sustainability right from the start. We want to show that it is possible to create a rally with clear environmental, social, and economic sustainability values. Drawing from the heritage of Rally Sweden in the region, we have the expertise to create a complete rally festival that includes all components and offers that little extra for both the audience and the competitors.

High demands in all partnerships from the start

Our sustainability work is based on the partnerships we establish with our partners, which in turn create opportunities for us to achieve our goals together with like-minded people. Therefore, we are careful to always communicate our attitude towards the environment and sustainability early in the contract processes to maximize our joint opportunities to create smart solutions that contribute to a better world.

We follow FIA’s environmental strategy, which aims to achieve net-zero status by 2030 by reducing carbon emissions in line with the Paris Agreement. Our mission is to be a driving force that inspires change within both motorsport and the event world. We want to be at the forefront and lead the way for others.

Two stars this year and three next

Environmental consultant Ida-Maria Gustafsson is currently working on documenting Royal Rally’s environmental work in relation to FIA’s (International Automobile Federation’s) environmental accreditation program.

“As a new event, we have the advantage of starting at a high sustainability level by setting demands on suppliers and choosing partners who meet our high standards. A large part of FIA’s requirements, however, is based on improvements, which becomes challenging when you’re just starting out. Therefore, we are aiming to meet the two-star requirements this year, out of a possible three, to aim for three next year when we are more integrated into the system,” says Ida-Maria. “A large part of the documentation work involves setting goals, following up on goals, and achieving the goals. This takes time to confirm and document that the goals have been reached.”

High goals set

Glenn Olsson, CEO of BAUHAUS Royal Rally of Scandinavia, has a clear vision for the rally’s future and sustainability efforts.

“Our vision is to be the most sustainable event in the ERC and to be an inspiration for other motorsport events and festival events in Sweden and the world. From my previous work with Rally Sweden, we have already made this journey, so we have a head start that gives us every opportunity to quickly fulfill our commitments and achieve our goals,” says Glenn.

A head start

To achieve the vision and goal, Royal Rally works with the following target areas:

  • We comply with applicable laws and regulations
    By 2024, we will have a completed program for the competition and a system for reporting
    We take care of and consider our nature by:
    – Leaving nature as we found it
    – Adhering to areas of interest for biodiversity
  • We respect the environment by:
    – Keeping greenhouse gas emissions associated with the competition low
    – Generating as little waste as possible
    – Being fossil-free within the organization by 2030
    – Not using fossil-based products in catering and merchandise
  • Delivering an event with fantastic and engaging experiences for the audience, staff, and competitors.
  • Maintaining a high safety standard in all our areas, ensuring that neither people nor the environment is harmed during our events.