Classic rally radio during BAUHAUS Royal Rally of Scandinavia


Classic rally radio during the BAUHAUS Royal Rally of Scandinavia

Now the layout for this year’s rally radio can be presented. And it’s an experienced group that goes out in the air. Rally fans will be treated to classic rally radio with stage interviews at the finish lines interspersed with interviews and what happens at the service park and event arenas. Everything to give the listeners an overall picture of the event.


Sebastian Bourghardt: Program manager and studio anchor in rally radio in SM since 10 years ago. Also Rally Sweden the last two years. (SM-Bronze in rally sprint 2019 🤘🏼)

Per Johansson: Rally radio reporter since the late 90s. Last 10 years in SM together with Sebastian, and Rally Sweden last two years. (Formerly BRUTALLY fast VOC driver)

Christian Fryklund: Well-known radio voice in Värmland. Among other things from Rally Sweden in P4 and the Midnight Sun Rally.


Via the FM band on KN Radio.

Karlstad and surroundings: 92.2 MHz

Sunne & Munkfors and surroundings: 100.6 MHz

Torsby and surroundings: 104.1 MHz

Web radio:


Friday: 09:00-19:00

Saturday: 07:30-20:00


“We are very much looking forward to broadcasting the rally radio from the BAUHAUS Royal Rally of Scandinavia. Rally is almost synonymous with Värmland, and it will be incredibly exciting to convey and monitor this new chapter in rally history.”

“We take a slightly new approach to the concept of the rally radio, and weave in the service point and the event arenas to a greater extent, which we believe will give an overall picture of the competition for those who follow it both on site and at home in the cabins.”

“The starting field in the ERC is absolutely top class, and with many hungry Swedes on the starting line, the competition will be a real nail biter.”


“From the collaboration that started around Rally Sweden in Umeå, we know that the capacity is there and with the arrangement we are now creating where our event production works closely together with the radio production, we can offer the fans really great information out in the rally forest.”


For over fifty years, Rally Sweden has taken place in Värmland. And in the legacy of Rally Sweden there is an abundance of competence, culture and, not least, pride to build the continued journey around. And here is one of the rally world’s most iconic arenas – Colin’s Crest.

Together we create Scandinavia’s biggest rally party with speed and excitement when Sweden’s, Norway’s and Europe’s rally stars compete in the FIA ​​European Rally Championship. A royal summer festival that will be extra everything for both drivers and fans.