Oliver Solberg Dominates Qualifying Round with Blazing Speed!

During Thursday’s qualifying round on the Bäck-Hult stage, Swedish hometown hero Oliver Solberg was the fastest, giving him the advantage of choosing his starting number for Friday’s start on SS1 Ölme 1. “The rain made it muddy and slippery, especially with such hard tires. But it didn’t matter – we were the fastest,” says Oliver Solberg. As expected, he chose starting number 22 during the opening ceremony.

The weather is expected to clear up and the sun will come out during Friday’s races, which will provide the drivers with better conditions on the roads. The competition starts at 09:19, and one of the most anticipated moments will be when our legends enter SS Ängebäckstorp, starting at 13:00. Among those driving in the legends class are some of the most famous names in the rally world. Tom Axelsson, Stig Blomqvist, Petter Solberg, Pernilla Solberg, Henning Solberg, Stig-Olov Walfridsson, Mats Jonsson, Oscar Svedlund, and Alister McRae will participate and give the audience a fantastic show.

An extra exciting twist is that Petter Solberg’s mother will be his co-driver during the competition, creating a unique dynamic for the team.

Another interesting event during the competition is that Holly McRae, daughter of the legendary rally driver Colin McRae, will act as co-driver for her uncle Alister McRae. It will be an emotional and historic moment when the two relatives enter Colin’s crest on Saturday. It is a tribute to Colin McRae’s legacy and a way to honor his memory by having another generation of the McRae family present in the competition.

With exciting competitions and emotional moments to look forward to, there is no doubt that the rally will offer plenty of action. It looks to be a memorable competition weekend filled with speed, excitement, and a sense of camaraderie between drivers, teams, and spectators.