Oliver Solberg is our first king!

Oliver Solberg is the first king of the Royal Rally of Scandinavia after finishing Saturday’s final eight stages as the winner. In the ERC class, a total of 50 cars started, while there were 10 cars in the legends class. Oliver Solberg managed to overcome all his competitors and emerged as the ultimate winner. His joy and enthusiasm over the victory were evident as he expressed how fantastic it felt to win.

Despite a difficult first day with steering problems, Oliver Solberg was only ten seconds behind Haydon Paddon from New Zealand. Nothing was clear or predetermined, and it was a battle until the very end. Oliver extended his lead and won with a margin of +22.5 seconds.

One of the highlights on Saturday was Colins Crest, where the audience had the opportunity to do personal interviews with racing legends and enjoy rock music performed by famous rock artists like Nicke Borg and Jakob Samuel. The atmosphere was electric, and it was a spectacular sight to see the cars jumping over the crest. Mads Östberg and Patrik Barth provided one of the most impressive jumps, landing at a staggering 47 meters.

In motorsport, there is always a fine line between success and crash. Frank-Tore Larsen had an accident and rolled over during the competition, but fortunately, both he and the team escaped serious injuries. Ole Christian Veiby also crashed during Saturday’s event.

In the junior class, there was an impressive Swedish dominance at the top. Reiersen won all the stages on the first day of the rally and continued to maintain a high pace on the second day. Hallberg came in second, +9.1 seconds behind. Third place went to the Romanian driver Maior, +23.7 seconds behind Hallberg.

Legends After the final stage, we could see a happy Petter Solberg running up to his brother Henning and triumphantly exclaiming, “I beat you! I beat you.” A delightful brotherly rivalry and joy of being able to race again.

A big thanks go out to everyone who contributed to making this event possible. The audience, drivers, co-drivers, the team, staff, and all the fantastic volunteers deserve a huge applause. It is thanks to their commitment and work that the event could be carried out successfully. We look forward to meeting again next year for another exciting edition of the Royal Rally of Scandinavia!

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