Junior ERC winner Reiersen confirms Rally2 drive

Home-town hero Isak Reiersen stood on the top step of the podium last year after winning the FIA Junior ERC in the BAUHAUS Royal Rally of Scandinavia. Now, Reiersen is stepping up to the top class as he starts this year’s rally in a Skoda Fabia Rally2.

After his Junior ERC victory and double Swedish Championship golds in 2023, Reiersen has moved up to a four-wheel-drive Skoda Fabia Rally2 for 2024. Following a strong eighth place in WRC2 at Rally Sweden, it is now confirmed that Isak will compete in the top class at the BAUHAUS Royal Rally of Scandinavia.

“The rally is very close to my heart, and it will be really fun to race in the top class,” says Isak Reiersen.

Reiersen comes from Torsby, lives in Karlstad, and competes for the Kil-based team JC Raceteknik, making this a true home event.

“The competition is close to home, where I grew up and spend my time. You see people everywhere you know, who are working with the rally and watching the stages. It’s also important to showcase ourselves to our partners here at home and show what we are doing. Here they get a great chance to get close with a really good event surrounding it.

“It’s hard to know how we stack up. We’ll see how we are doing on SS1 and then take it from there. We’re up against the world’s best Rally2 drivers, and they have an incredible pace. I’m going in with the same mindset we had in Umeå, to take it step by step and develop,” continues Reiersen.

Last year, Isak ensured a double victory for Värmland in the rally, winning the junior class while his best friend Oliver Solberg won the overall rally. This year, Isak faces tough competition as he goes up against Oliver’s father, Petter Solberg.

“Oh my god, it will be fun to compete against Petter. He and Oliver have been after me for many years about various things, so now it will be really fun to race against him.”

Petter became World Rally Champion in 2003, the same year Isak was born.

“I have always looked up to Petter. He is someone I followed closely during my upbringing on TV and such, and it will be fantastic to compete against him,” concludes Isak.