SS 2/6 Lungsund Friday

Stage SS 2/6

SS 2/6 Lungsund

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Spectator area


From the start of the stage, the road character resembles the Rally Finland roads.


The cars come out of the forest and pass the first meadow since the start, a nice spot with a long view. Handicap parking available.


This stage includes two road changes shortly after each other, then onto a wider road with Rally Finland like characteristics, passing some buildings with crests ahead. There is an opportunity for handicap parking at the second road junction.

N Gäddetjärn

Nice fast Rally Finland like road with crests and S combinations.


Fast road with a nice view from a new clearing.


“Royal forest” is an incredibly beautiful place where the rally cars can be seen in several curve combinations and a dip before continuing past the beautiful Kungsskogens farm.


Nice fast section leading down to a bridge passage at Lill-Älgsjön.


This place is just what it's called, “Stone”, a lovely S combination with changes in elevation, with a large rock on the inside of a long right turn.