SS 12/16 Colin’s Saturday

Stage SS 12/16

SS 12/16 Colin’s

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Spectator area


The first road junction after the start of the stage, with a right turn, following a fast start to the stage. This part of the stage was the final part of the well-known Vargåsen stage, just before the finish.


A steep downhill towards the four-way junction, where the cars turn right and continue on the "regular" route towards Colin's Crest. The spectator road leading to the stage was part of the Vargåsen stage.


The rally cars crest a hill and then pass a road junction before continuing on a delightful rally road along Lake Stor-Jangen.

Colin’s A

An iconic rally location, Colin's Crest, where the rally cars will make a royal jump of 30-40 meters. There will be a restaurant tent, entertainment with Rockklassiker Allstars, a big screen and commentators.