Legends SS 1 Ängebäckstorp

Legends SS 1

Legends – SS 1 Ängebäckstorp

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Spectator area


Shortly after the start, there are some S combinations in open fields where it's important to hit the braking points correctly to get through in a good way.


After a fast section, there is a house with a technical passage. Long view over meadows. Handicap parking available.


Past some farms and further into the forest with several bends and changes in elevation.


The cars come out of the forest in a loooong left turn towards the intersection at Bäckelid, where the rally cars turn right over a courtyard and continue up over a new clearing. After the clearing, there is another nice section with fine curve combinations.

Östra Hult

The rally road quickly approaches a left road change with nice spectator spots on the slope of a new clearing.


Nice fast curves towards the finish of the stage.